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Saturday 15th October 2016 Workshop Cufos Centre 10.00am – 4.00pm 

This is a workshop for members of NLLA who will be working on their latest personal projects.

Non members are warmly invited to our free calligraphy drop in sessions being run throughout the day by our professional members. Come along and try your hand at a facinating craft in a friendly and supportive environment and meet like minded people.



Demonstrations of Calligraphy at the recent NLLA exhibition  “The Coffee Seekers cafe ”

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St Bride Library

Naming Victory  – James Mosley
23 June 2016  7.30pm

HMS Victory, Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, is a much-loved national monument. Launched in 1765, and still a commissioned ship of the Royal Navy, she is in a dry dock at Portsmouth. Getting the historical details of her paintwork and rigging right has always been a demanding task. During 2015, when the ship was repainted, using a shade that matches original colour samples that have been discovered recently, the opportunity was taken to repaint the name at the stern using lettering that is based on styles of the date of Trafalgar.

Followed by a Q&A session with John Morgan, Phil Surey and Adrien Vasquez.

James Mosley, Professor in the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at Reading University, and former librarian of the St Bride Library, will say in this talk how models for the letters were established. The drawings were made by the John Morgan Studio, London, and the letters were painted by Phil Surey.

James Mosley is a professor in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at Reading University. He writes and lectures on the history of printing types and letterforms. He has a special fondness for the robust traditional roman letter to which he has given the name of ‘English Vernacular’, and which was the basis of much good lettering and many types before and after 1800. It has been the model for the lettering restored recently to H.M.S. Victory at Portsmouth. As a student, he worked at the Water Lane Press of Philip Gaskell at King’s College, Cambridge, setting type and printing at a Stanhope press. He also worked briefly at a typefoundry in London, casting types from matrices of the Figgins foundry. This experience led him to discover and appreciate the resources of the St Bride Library. He was its librarian from 1958 to 2000.

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Transported by Design Festival – Regent Street – London 

Sunday 3rd July 12.00pm – 6.00pm

Visit the “Transported by Design Festival ” in London’s Regent street this Sunday and see one of our members, Cherrell Avery, demonstrating the type and lettering of Edward Johnstone.